Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bella says...Long time no talk!

Hi everybody! I know, it's been a while since I wrote anything to you all, but it's been crazy around here! I rang in my 5-month birthday on January 8th, but I was so tired from my first day at doggie daycare that I zonked out (before I even got home, I might add) and I was too sleepy to post. As of a few days ago, I'm 28" tall at the shoulders and 78 pounds. (On a side note, doggie daycare is awesome - why didn't my mom and dad think of this sooner??)

I don't have too many pictures this time around, unfortunately (my mom has been slacking off with photographing me - I'll have to talk to her about that.) Here's one that will show you how big I am, though - and one of me hanging out with my dad. Talk to you soon!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Merry (Belated) Christmas!

And a happy (belated) New Year! I know, I know - Bella and her humans have been slacking on the postings, so hopefully this will make up for it!

We started out the holiday season with Bella's first road trip to visit family and friends on the Eastern Shore. We loaded (and I do mean loaded) up the truck and hit the road...Bella was great in the car, just as long as she could see us...

(Bella's first present - a cool new collar from her grandparents in Texas & their dog Max! )

We got to my grandparents' house and she loved all the wide open space! She discovered pinecones and ran (or hopped) around with at least one in her mouth at all times.

We came back home the next day and relaxed for a little while, before picking up the pace again on Christmas Eve. Church, then to B's parents' house for some gift exchanges and dinner. Miss Bella made the trip with us, and she got a present from her Auntie K - her very own argyle sweater! She really likes to open presents, and got pretty good at it over the holidays! (No, she's not spoiled at all...) I don't have any really good pictures of her actually in the sweater, but let's just say she was not a fan at first (she looked like a bull at the rodeo trying to buck it off - it was hilarious!). She also got a Puppy's First Christmas ornament from Aunt J, Uncle B, and her cousins M, A & T!

Headline: "Huge Puppy Eats Entire Train Village"

Back home on Christmas Day, Bella perfected her gift-opening skills.

(You can see the remnants of our gift to Bella - the indestructible octopus, un-poppable giant tennis ball, and her favorite puppy chew bone from Grandma and Grandpa H on the Shore!)

The moose was a huge hit! (Thanks Uncle B, Aunt J, & Cousin R!)

We hope everyone had a great holiday season & wish you all the best for 2008!