Monday, July 28, 2008

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go!

Well, I didn't really go to work, since I don't have a job, unless you count playing, sleeping, eating, playing, and hanging out with dad when he's at work, 'cuz he works from home. But since my mom does have a job, and my dad was out of town, I got to go to work with mom for the afternoon!

I had so much fun checking the place out...I had to investigate every inch of it! I wasn't too sure about this thing in the kitchen with a big water bottle on top of it, so I barked at it for a while. Once mom showed me it wasn't scary, I got over it and moved on.

When mom actually had stuff she had to get done (pfft - go figure) I had to play in her office with my toys. I had fun in my bed..

watching people walking by outside...

watching people inside...

and staring at mom while she was on the phone.

So, in summary, this is how I feel about going to work with mom:
I still like to hang out with dad, but when he's not around, mom and her office will do.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun with Mr. Hedgehog

I got a really cool new toy a few weeks ago from one of my favorite humans - she owns the doggie daycare place where I get to go run and play a few days a week. I had so much fun playing. I love toys - old or new, it doesn't matter to me!

Ah, ha! I've got you now!

Wait! Don't run away! I'm not done playing with you yet!

What??? He ran in here and I had to chase him.
Then I got tired & had to sit down....