Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sleepy time!

We have a nightly ritual around here. When it's time to go to sleep, I get in my comfy bed, lay down with my sleepy-time toy, let mom and dad give me tummy rubs, and then they cover me up and I fall asleep with a smile on my face. It might look a little goofy, but I love it.

This little guy in my mouth is my Micro-Puppy. He got that name because he can go in the microwave and get all warm and toasty for me to sleep with. I've had him since I came to live with mom and dad when I was just a tiny puppy. I sleep with him every night, and I'm very gentle with him. I do like to give him some nibbles before I fall asleep, though.

Good night!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bobbing for Ice Cubes

This past Sunday was hot - or at least I thought so! I heard the weatherman say it was 85 degrees, a lot warmer than I remember from when I was little. Mom and dad say this is springtime. All I know is it makes my tongue hang out!

So on Sunday, mom was getting some sun on the deck. She looked pretty relaxed, so I thought I'd join her. It was pretty nice, except for one thing - I was HOT! So mom, being the nice lady that she is, got me my own water dish for outside, and as a special treat 'cause I looked so pathetic (I must finally be getting it right), she put some ice cubes in it for me. Man, was that fun! I invented a new game - I call it, "Bobbing for Ice Cubes." Also known as, "Hey, what's this wet stuff up my nose?"

Step 1: Identify ice cube.

Step 2: Make contact with ice cube.

Step 3: Submerge entire snout when going after ice cube.

Step 4: Remember to breathe out through nose when bobbing.

Step 4 in greater detail - breathe out!

And that's it! My favorite thing to do once I finally get it out is to bat it around with my paws, suck on it and spit it back out again. I don't like to eat it - too cold and crunchy

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My first day at the beach

Last weekend, I got to meet my other Grandma for the first time! She lives in Texas, and she came to visit for the weekend. I had lots of fun with her - she even let me sleep in bed with her one night! I'm a great snuggler, and I gave her lots of hugs and kisses while she was here. If you're reading this, hi and I can't wait to see you again!

While my mom and her mom were on the Eastern Shore (where I went at Christmas-time and played with pinecones), dad and I had some quality time together - he took me to the doggie beach! It was my first time ever at the beach, and I liked it a lot. I loved the water, and even though I know I can swim, I didn't really like it when the water got over my head and my paws couldn't touch the ground. Here's what our day looked (and sounded) like:

Hi! You guys come here often?

Me? Nope, it's my first time here. Thanks - I think I will join you!

Ooh - a ball! I can get it, I can get it...

Hey - a bigger ball! I'll help you carry it out...hang on, I'm coming!

Hi, dad! This is lots of fun! Thanks for bringing me here!

Swimming is hard work...mind if I just sit here for a minute?