Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bobbing for Ice Cubes

This past Sunday was hot - or at least I thought so! I heard the weatherman say it was 85 degrees, a lot warmer than I remember from when I was little. Mom and dad say this is springtime. All I know is it makes my tongue hang out!

So on Sunday, mom was getting some sun on the deck. She looked pretty relaxed, so I thought I'd join her. It was pretty nice, except for one thing - I was HOT! So mom, being the nice lady that she is, got me my own water dish for outside, and as a special treat 'cause I looked so pathetic (I must finally be getting it right), she put some ice cubes in it for me. Man, was that fun! I invented a new game - I call it, "Bobbing for Ice Cubes." Also known as, "Hey, what's this wet stuff up my nose?"

Step 1: Identify ice cube.

Step 2: Make contact with ice cube.

Step 3: Submerge entire snout when going after ice cube.

Step 4: Remember to breathe out through nose when bobbing.

Step 4 in greater detail - breathe out!

And that's it! My favorite thing to do once I finally get it out is to bat it around with my paws, suck on it and spit it back out again. I don't like to eat it - too cold and crunchy


The Zoo Crew said...

My sister, Zen, has the art of bobbing for ice cubes down so much better than me. She doesn't like crunching on the ice cubes and leaves them to melt....that's where I come in!! I love crunching on ice cubes :)


Abbey said...

Chels takes a piece of food and watches it drop in the water bowl then she bobs... If shes in the room while im in the bath she will try to ob for the soap...your photos made me smile...wonder if this underwater blowing bubbles is a Dane thing?

Mindy Lu said...

Hi Bella, my mommy just found your blog. You sure are a pretty girl! Mommy looked at all your puppy pictures and was sad that she cant see what I looked like as a puppy. She rescued me and my new brother Max as big dogs, so she cant imagine us ever being that small. We have a lot in common. I like to bat those small cold squares too. They are too cold to chew. I dont know if Max has tried one yet. Come check us out someday. We are in S. California, and it is getting hot, so my tongue wont stay in my mouth now either. I love the beach too, so much fun to chase the water and all those long brown things that float on the water or lay on the sand. But they are so salty- yuck!
Sasha- The Princess

Paula said...

Awww! (Only a dane owner could think snot bubbles are cute!)

Jenn & Billy said...

Hey Bella! I would love to play tug-o-war with you. That's my favorite! I had my first trip in the water too, haven't decided if I like swimming, but the water felt good!