Monday, March 31, 2008

Mischief with Mr. Octopus

Easter 2008

This was my very first Easter, and even though I didn't see that Bunny everybody was talking about, I still had a great time! I got to go to Gee's house for the day. I felt very priveleged to be invited and tried really hard to be on my best behavior. It was a nice day, and I had so much fun playing outside!

Before I made it outside, though, Dad thought it would be interesting to see if I liked to walk on the treadmill. He'd seen some guy named Cesar do it on one of those shows on the big noisy picture thing in the living room, so he thought it might be fun. I can assure you, it was not. I might like it more when I'm a little older, but for now, I think I'll pass.

Once I escaped the exercise room, I got to play outside. I found the biggest branch I could and dragged it around for a while.

But that was hard work (I'm still a puppy, after all!), so I had to come inside and rest for a second.

After I got my second wind, I went back out to play fetch with my Auntie K. She made me sit first, and then I was off - like the wind!

Got it!

After a great day of running, playing and sniffing everything, I was one tired girl. There was so much going on, I forgot to take my naps for the day! I got to relax in the truck on the way home, so that was nice. Hey - we're home!

Happy Easter, everyone! And Happy Spring!


Here's the weekly weigh-in from Bella's 7-month birthday....91 pounds! She was also 31" at the shoulders. Even as strong as he is, it's getting tough for B to pick her up and weigh her. Our everyday bathroom scale is almost maxed out this way, too thanks to her! We'll have to get creative in the weighing from here on out - we might have to start bribing the local vet to let us use their scale! But seriously, who could say no to this face?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Sheets!

One of my favorite parts of bath time (besides the actual bath) is getting new, clean sheets and towels in my crate! And my favorite part of that is this - playing with them!

We play "bite and shake the towels"...

"toga party"...

"hide the puppy"...

and of course, we always end with "look cute for the camera." (I'm getting pretty good at that one.)

Waiting Patiently

Is my dinner ready yet?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bella says...I'm 7 months old!

Hi, everybody! My mom wanted me to tell everyone sorry for the lack of photos, but she says the computer is giving her a hard time & won't let her upload them. (Whatever that means.) She says she'll have lots of new pictures of me up soon, though, to make up for lost time.

In the meantime...I turned 7 months old yesterday! We had a fun day of walks and playing, and I had some visitors last night, too. Right now I'm telling mom what I want to say because I'm lying here sunning myself on the bedroom floor (well, that and I can't type).

So as of yesterday when I had my weigh-in and measure, I'm 31" tall and 91 pounds!

It's time for another eyelids are getting really heavy...see you all later!
Licks and kisses,

New Toys!

Mom, dad and I went to PetSmart a few weekends ago. My aunt, uncle and cousin across the street had given me a gift card, so I got to go in and pick out whatever I wanted! It was so much fun! I had to test them out with dad when we got home, but I definitely have a favorite!

See how tall I'm getting? I know I'm not supposed to jump like that, but I wanted to see if I was catching up to dad! yet! I'm getting there!