Wednesday, August 8, 2007

You're getting a what??

This is the typical reaction when we tell people we're getting a Great Dane:
us: "We're getting a puppy!" (one step away from jumping up and down with excitement)
them: "That's awesome! What kind?"
us: "A Great Dane!" (doing happy dance)
them: (eyes huge, mouth wide open) "You're getting a what?" followed by some or all of these comments, listed in no particular order:
"Do you know how big they get?"
"You do know they don't live very long, right?"
"Why would you want to do that? You're young and! See the world!"
"Do you know how big their poop is?"
And later we laugh about it over dinner, thinking of how great it will be when she's here, and she's the coolest dog in the world, and she's all ours. Big poop and all.

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dbmy3 said...

Don't let her get spoiled by sleeping in the bed with you,as big as she'll be the 2 of u will never even touch. We do want a 2 legged baby at some point.