Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bella says...What's all this white stuff?

I woke up last Thursday morning, and it was cooooold. And then all this white stuff started falling from the sky. What was that all about? By the time my mom got home from work, our house looked like this:

So we all went outside to play! I had a great time! The white stuff was a little cold on my paws and my nose, but it tasted pretty good and I had a lot of fun hopping around in it.

Dad made some snowballs and tossed them my way. I tried to fetch them, but it didn't really work. I like snow!

But you know what I liked the most? Curling up in front of the warm crackly-bright thing and snoozing afterward. Did I mention I get my own stocking? See - it says Bella! Mom says Santa Paws is coming to visit soon and bring me some toys. I can't wait! Happy Howl-idays to everyone!

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Iva said...

i was really worried that Bella wasnt going to post again soon! I am glad she did!!!