Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bella says...I'm 3 months old today!

It's another reason to celebrate - today I turned 3 months old! I was born on August 8, 2007 (I'll be a year old on 8/8/08 - kinda funny, huh?). Here are some pictures of me from the first time my mom and dad met me, and some from now when I'm bigger. I was only 21 days old the day we met for the first time. I'm a lot bigger now, and much more mature. (Ha ha - that's a funny one!) I knew that I liked mom's lap back then, even though at the time, none of us knew we'd be a family someday. I don't really fit in her lap as well as I used to, but that's okay. I don't mind, and neither does she.

That's my sister trying to crawl up dad's shorts. It was pretty funny.

I crawled right into mom's lap and fell asleep. I might have snored then, too.

Here I am taking a snooze in my bed the first night at home...and now...
Speaking of snoozing, it's nap time. See you later!

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Great Dane Addict said...

Hi guys,

You posted on my blog asking what photo editing program I use, and right now I have Corel Paint Shop Pro, and I can't say I like it all that much. I've been drooling over Adobe Photoshop CS3, but it's about $600, so I'll have to save my pennies for quite some time.