Monday, February 11, 2008

Tag - I'm it!

I've been tagged by my new friend Kaiser over at The Zoo Crew! He's blue (like me) but he's a grown-up and a boy (not like me). I have to list 7 things about myself, so here goes!

1. When I yawn, I make a really funny loud noise, kind of like a person does when they yawn. It's how I let mom and dad know I'm awake in the morning.
2. My favorite non-dog-food things to eat are vanilla yogurt and bananas.
3. I was almost a show dog, but I decided I wanted to come home with my mom and dad instead. I picked them - not the other way around!
4. I have bedtime toys that I can't sleep without - my favorites are Micro Puppy (he can go in the microwave so he gets warm; I always sleep with him under my chin or between my paws) and Mr. Monkey (but he doesn't have any arms or legs left, thanks to me - only a tail).
5. Sometimes I like to sit outside on the deck and watch our neighbors. Mom and dad say I'm being nosy; I just like to know what's going on!
6. I can burp like a truck driver.
7. I love that I have my own website. I like getting my picture taken and being able to talk to everyone!

Thanks for tagging me, Kai!


The Zoo Crew said...

It's so pawsome to learn more about you!!! Thanks for playing along!

Peace + Paws,


holly said...

Hi Bella,
What a pretty girl you are, and so big! I make LOTS of noise when I yawn in the morning too, and I yawn lots of times. I used to keep my parents up with my groans and yawning all night, but I'm a little bit more quiet at night now. I do bark loudly and run a lot in my sleep, tho. If my legs are touching furniture when I'm asleep, it causes a little mini-earthquake in our house.
Are you going to be shown in obedience? I'm trying to learn to be a good obedience trained puppy to be in ob. shows. Not sure about conformation yet, depends on how I develop. Obedience is my mom's favorite, tho. I have lots of fun in puppy class right now (I'm 15 weeks).

Little Behr Behr :)