Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vacation! Day 3

Hi! It's day 3 of vacation, and you know what that means - another tough day of lounging at the beach. I was pooped after my early-morning beach romp, so dad moved the umbrella so I wasn't in the hot sun during my nap:

It was time for more posing when I got up. First, just me and the ocean:

Then, since I love mom and dad, and they were nice enough to bring me on vacation, I let them get in the picture, too:

After another awesome day on the beach, we came back up the house to relax by the pool. We had a visitor waiting for us when we got there - you guessed it, another horse-thing. I got a boost so I could see better:

Aaah, another awesome day of vacation draws to a close. Is it time to eat yet?

From the humans: We'd love to thank Sasha and Max over at a Dane's World and Huey at Hawaiian Dane for giving us this awesome award! Thanks, guys (and gals) - we love your blogs, too! We'd like to pass this along to Bogart and Malu. While they're not danes (and one isn't even a dog), we really like their blog (and their humans!), and we think you will, too.


The Zoo Crew said...

Mom says she could sure use a beach vacation!

Congrats on your award....well-deserved!

Willow and crew

charlotte said...

Wow, what a great beach! You are so lucky to be on holiday, and wow there are horses there too! They are pretty fun but if you go say hello don't go around the back! They kick! Love and licks from Kaya and Luna xxxooo