Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wet Doggie

Hi, everybody! My mom wanted to tell you that she's sorry it's taken so long for her to put up new pictures of me. My Auntie K. got married this weekend, and everybody has been very busy doing fun stuff with them instead of me. But now they're married and going to some beautiful beach for a week, so Mom can give me her undivided attention again and update my blog more regularly, like she's supposed to do.

So anyway, a few weekends ago, we went back to the awesome dog beach! It was a little chilly and it had rained a lot the day before, so there wasn't much beach left, but I didn't care - I was there for the water anyway.

Come on, dad - throw me the ball!

Don't tease me, just throw it!

Okay, thanks - that's better.

Got it!
Whew - it's hard work getting out!


The Zoo Crew said...

We keep seeing all these pictures of beaches that dogs are posting and we're envious!!! We'd LOVE to play in the water, but my little crabby pool will have to do, I guess.......


Kaya and Luna said...

It sucks when humans forget their true priorities - us! Looks like you were loving the swimming and fetching Bella, just like us. Wish you could come over and visit us someday, we'd show you around and introduce you to all the other doggies at our beach!