Monday, October 1, 2007

Bella says...Hi!

Hi! My name is Bella! (But I think you already knew that.)
I went home with my new mom and dad on Saturday! We had lots of adventures - we drove through three states, from my old home in New Jersey to my new home in Maryland. I didn't see much of it, though - I was really tired, so I slept almost the whole time.

When I woke up, they took me to a little pet store and bought me lots of toys! The girls in the store thought I was cute and took my picture to put up on their bulletin board. We went home, and I checked the place out. I liked exploring! I think I wore my dad out, so we took a nap together.

I met some other dogs and their people, and all of my cousins came over to play. My mom and dad took me for a little walk on my new leash, too - they said I did a great job, but I just liked being outside with all the new things to see and smell. We came back home, ate some dinner, and I had lots of snuggle time with mom and dad before bed.

I really like it here - my human parents are really nice, and they give me lots of love and hugs and kisses. Okay, now I have to go play with my tire. Bye!

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Amy said...

Hi, actually it wasn't the Paradisus. We stayed in the Riviera Maya in Mexico at a resort called the Aventura Spa Palace Resort. We loved it there and would love to go back.