Friday, October 5, 2007

Life with Bella - Week One

My, how far we've come in a week! Bella has been such a good puppy - we're so lucky! She's adjusted well to her new environment, with almost no anxiety over being in a new place with new people. She's a pro in her crate now, too - she never puts up a fuss about going in for a nap or to sleep at night, and when she wakes up, she can calm herself down (unless we need to take a trip outside, but that's usually quick and efficient so we can both get back to sleep!). She's learning to walk on a leash, which usually goes well - unless it gets within chewing distance, at which time it lands squarely between her sharp little puppy teeth. That we need to work on, but all in good time.

We made our first visit to the doggy park on Saturday, and after finding the "little dog" portion empty, we decided to venture into the "big dog" section. She wasn't too sure what to make out of all the sniffing and bigger dogs, but she didn't act overly submissive or aggressive if she was frightened. She did make a beeline back to us if it got to be too much, but she didn't stay there for long. She also met a little 10-week old Rottie puppy, and they played for a little while. The size difference was amazing between the two - Rotties are big dogs, too, but Bella was a lot bigger that this adorable furball even at 8 weeks.

My dad and stepmom came by to meet their "granddog" on Saturday evening. Bella was on her best behavior, and we think she won them over. This may tide them over on grandkids for a little while, but we're not taking any bets. :-)

Sunday was lazy family day - we all liked that! Following a bruiser of a soccer game on Sunday for B and a little overstimulation at the fields for Bella (new people overload!), we all zonked out and watched football all day. We think Bella enjoyed the extreme laziness - her frequent and loud snoring clued us in.

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