Sunday, October 14, 2007

Life with Bella - Week Two

I swear, sometimes I think the girl grows overnight - she seems heavier when I pick her up to take her downstairs in the morning. I can't believe how fast she's growing.

Bella is starting to take on more of the typical Great Dane characteristics - her jaw is squaring up a bit, her ears have started to stand up (it's so funny), and when she's alert, she stands like a champion show dog - head up, chest out. Maybe now people won't mistake her for a Weimaraner on our walks. "No, she's a Great Dane," we say. And the number one response we get is, "Wow! Are you sure?" Yup, we're sure. ;-)

She's been getting better about her leash this week - less chewing, more walking. Housebreaking is coming along, too - we realized that we'd mistakenly taken on the "weekend" mentality. Humans break out of their Monday-Friday routine, so why not her, too? We found out quickly - breaking out of the routine = lots of accidents. We've learned our lesson, gotten more in tune to her schedule & her signals, and we've all been doing much better this week.

We'll post more pictures soon!

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Paula said...

I've got news for you: People will ALWAYS mistake her for a weimeraner. It's just one of the things blue dane owners have to put up with.
Savvy has been called a weimeraner often, but also a mastiff, doberman, etc!!