Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Very Int"ear"esting

Here's something funny...we can't for the life of us figure out what's going on, so we need the advice of you smart, Dane-experienced people out there.

Here are Bella's ears at 9 weeks, last Wednesday:

Here are Bella's ears on Saturday:

And here are Bella's ears today at 10 weeks:

What's up with that right ear? It just started flopping over Monday night, for no apparent reason. She didn't take a tumble, it doesn't appear to be injured, she doesn't wince when we touch it. We even cleaned both ears last night thinking it may be irritated, but nope - just crooked. Any thoughts? Will it go back to flopping forward? Thanks, smart doggie people!


Shannon King said...

Some danes have naturally more "floppy" ears. It's just the cartilage that gets firm which makes for "flying nun" ears. Massage can help to get them to flatten out, as well as taping them under her chin. If you don't care, you can just leave them and you will have a dane with personality in her ears!! If you want more info on taping or just dane info try It is a huge resource that has a message board, pictures, and all sorts of good info! It's free to join, or you can just check it out, you don't have to join! We have a 18 month old fawn male with natural ears, but his half-brother has super floppy ears that go every which way!!

Our Girl Blue said...

Thanks for the info. When I went home last night, the left one was flopping like the right one, so at least they're evenly floppy! We're not that concerned about the way she looks - as long as she's healthy and happy, that's all that matters to us, weird flops and all. It adds character! :-)

Shannon King said...

I personally love the crazy eared look. It just makes them look so cute!! Good luck with your will soon tire of the saddle comments, the you can ride her comments, and especially for you "That's a huge Weimeraner!" :)

Anonymous said...

My danes ears did some funny things at different times as she was maturing. But by about one, she figured out what to do with them. They hang normal. :)