Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our first days with Bella

Here are a few photos from our visit to pick up Bella on Saturday. Maybe this is why she can sleep through anything?

B with Bella's parents (such sweethearts!)

and human mom and doggie mom:

On Sunday, we took her to a soccer game, and we had some friends over to watch football. Bella was great with all the new people and puppies she met that day. She especially had lots of fun with her Uncle Tony.

Crate training is coming along...she gets better every night, and is starting to develop a routine with us. She likes to take her favorite toy (whichever one it is at the moment) and hop into her bed, or play with it in our laps. She likes to go for walks, but she really loves it when we turn around to go back home. And when she's really, really tired, she snores like a lumberjack.

She is so funny - she makes us laugh constantly, and we feel so lucky to have her in our lives.


Gunther said...

Bella is absolutely beautiful. I will put a link to your blog on Gunther's. And please feel free to put Gunther's link on Bella's blog.

She looks so sweet. I know you are going to just love having her in your home. If I can help you with anything just email me.

Saundra, Gunther and Truman

Chester Currier said...

Hi, Bella!

My name is Chester and my parents know your Aunt Juanita. I think we're related, but who knows in the dog world. Your dad and I just look an awful lot alike. I would LOVE to meet and play with you sometime. I live in Annapolis with my people family and my Manx cat buddy Purcy.

Here's to sleepin' under the covers! -Chester