Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ear ye, ear ye - an update

Thanks to Carol (as always - you're the best!) and Shannon, who sent us information on Bella's stray floppy ear. If anyone else out there reads this and wants more info, check out this link from Sixstar Danes breeder page (http://www.6stardanes.com/ears.html) or www.danesonline.com. From the other research we conducted, we found that it's also pretty common with other breeds (including German Shepherds and Yorkies) whose ears flop when teething, and usually go back to "normal" (whatever that is) once their adult teeth come in. Both of Bella's are flopping together now, so we've dubbed her "Origami Ears" for the time being. Taping is a solution, but we've decided just to see what happens, and if she grows up with ears in the Lotus position, then so be it. :-)

Bella got the in-house spa treatment this week! She had her first bath and got her first manicure - Carol, thanks for the tip on using a Dremel to do her nails! She really didn't mind too much, and she especially loved the bits of banana she got as a treat when it was all over. For more info on using a Dremel to do your dog's nails, head over to Gunther's page and look at the list on the right-hand side - there's a link to a great resource full of photos and tips.

I'll post some pictures tonight during her evening naptime. Have a great day, everybody!

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